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How to Build a Model Train Layout

by on Dec.25, 2011, under Dreamz Layout

How to Build a Model Train Layout

There are countless ways to build a train layout. Being a train enthusiast myself I am often asked how to build a train layout and what I like to say is there are as many ways to build a train layout as there are train enthusiasts.

Every layout is an exploration into who you are and what you like. Perhaps you live in a big city and all you see is concrete, asphalt and skyscrapers. Well you might long to fashion a nice layout in a bucolic setting, perhaps an O-scale locomotive with a bunch of rolling hills and the green and yellow John Deere farm machinery. Maybe a swimming hole with a tire swing and a large herd of cows. It’s whatever you decide.

Perhaps you live in the middle of miles and miles of wheat and the biggest building in town is the grain silo. If that’s the case perhaps you might choose to use the extremely small z-scale to recreate the exotic city of Dubai or even the gritty city of New York .

It’s easy to discover what you might like by just imagining.

If you’re going to build it for sure, than stake out some territory in the house that’s out of the way and perhaps behind a closed door if you need to keep out your pets. Get a board and lay out your track. Remember it may take many months or even years to perfect your masterpiece, but even right at the beginning you can still run your train around that track and imagine what it will look like as you slowly learn more and more about how to build a model train layout.

Finally don’t forget that there is no requirement to build a train layout that is a realistic depiction of anything. You could build one set in the future or the past or in a fantasy world. The choice is yours.

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How to Make a Model Railway Layout

by on Dec.20, 2011, under Dreamz Layout

How to Make a Model Railway Layout

Unless there is a safety issue of some kind, there is really no “wrong” way to make a model railway layout. There are as many model railway layouts as there are train enthusiasts.

If you haven’t chosen which scale of model train you’re interested in, consider the amount of space you have available. Even if all you have is a card table, you can find tiny scale trains like the N scale and Z scale that will fit. And even if you have plenty of room, it’s perfectly OK to have tiny scale trains.

The most popular scale is HO or “half-O” scale. It is small, but large enough for adequate detail, and if you have a room you can devote to setting up your model railway layout, you can add on a lot of features because of this scale’s small size.

Some people prefer a model train with a little heft to it. O scale is a good choice because it’s big enough, but not too big.

In fact, it is twice the size of the HO scale. An O scale engine is about the same weight as a brick, though somewhat longer and slimmer. The thing with O scale is that there are different track gauges that go with it, so you have to be somewhat careful, especially if you’re buying a second hand set.

G scale is a lot of fun because it’s big enough to run from room to room, and it’s especially fun to loop around a Christmas tree.

Model railway layouts run the gamut from a simple oval track to tracks that run between several different “landscapes” or model towns. And unless you’ve done something unsafe, there is no “wrong” layout. Some hobbyists only care to look at the train itself, and some get a kick out of elaborate landscapes. There’s plenty of room for both in the model railway community.

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