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Free facebook Layouts

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Free facebook Layouts

Ah, PageRage—how could I enjoy Facebook without you? For those of you not in the know, PageRage is a hot service that actually lets you put up graphics—colors, patterns or designs, pictures, and/or combinations of all three—right on your Facebook page. One of the most interesting programs that’s come up in the past couple months. No, I’m not exaggerating. If you love Facebook and use it everyday just like I do, then that same old boring appearance is bound to get tiresome sooner or later. And when it does, you won’t be able to do anything to fix it up. Not unless you start using a cool service like the one PageRage offers, that is!

It sounds really complicated but believe me it is anything but. If you’ve ever downloaded a plug-in to your Firefox web browser, then this will be real familiar; if not, don’t get scared, it’s real easy. Because you DO have to download and install a plug-in for PageRage to start working. It’s not a big plug-in, you’ll be done within a minute. (Take note though that your friends and everyone who wants to see your profile will also need to download and install the plug-in as well.) Once that is done then you will be all ready to enjoy PageRage.

And there really is plenty to enjoy! You can pick from a super wide variety of ready to install themes and layouts, from sports to TV shows to movies to places to, well, plenty of other things. Installing is easy and quick, and so is switching layouts. But if in case you aren’t happy with what you see, well, you can always make your own! Pick a color and maybe a design you like, and then load an appropriate photo and fix it up—and that is all you need to do to come up with a PageRage layout that will be the envy of everyone in your contact list. Not at all bad, huh?

Here’s a list of different layouts

Abstract facebook layouts
Animal facebook layouts
Anime facebook layouts
Announcement facebook layouts
Car facebook layouts
Cartoon facebook layouts
Cause facebook layouts
Celebrity facebook layouts
College facebook layouts
Color facebook layouts
Custom facebook layouts
Cute facebook layouts
Dark facebook layouts
Emo facebook layouts
Fantasy facebook layouts
Fashion facebook layouts
Fine art facebook layouts
Floral  facebook layouts
Food facebook layouts
Futbol facebook layouts
Holiday facebook layouts
Love facebook layouts
Movie facebook layouts
Music facebook layouts
Video games facebook layouts

To read more great information on changing your Facebook layout, check out Free Facebook Layouts, and join our Facebook page, which has over twenty five thousand members, Click here now to join PageRage.


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Website Design : Category of Layouts and Applications

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Website Design : Category of Layouts and Applications

A website design layout pertains to arrangement of various elements of a website in a website in such a way that the website is attractive and effective at generating revenue. Some elements of the website are such that they need to occupy the central space on the screen so that it is in focus when the webpage pops up on the screen. The placement of the layout element in the centre or periphery of the screen depends upon their relevance as well as the products/services offered by the website. Some of the prominent types of

Web design layouts are as follows:

Isolated Layout:  When the size of the web page elements such as symbol, logo, images (products and other) is small the layout is called an isolated layout. This type of layout can be used anywhere but subject to the utility factor and its visibility.

Dominating Layout:  When the size of the web page elements such as symbol, logo, images (products and other) is so large that is made the centre of attraction the layout is called dominating Layout.


Symmetric Layout:  When the elements of a website are arranged in the centre or on either side of the webpage the layout is called symmetric layout. In this type of layout both the sides (left and right) have to be balanced. If one of the sides of the web page has heavier elements it can destabilize the webpage.  One should be careful that the elements on either side are not identical. If the layout is centrally aligned or the elements are divided uniformly between the two sides, the website can achieve complete symmetry. The symmetric layout is not only balanced but also considered to be formal.

Asymmetric Layout: When the elements of a website are arranged in a haphazard or random manner the layout is said to be asymmetric. The placement of the elements on the web page depends on the whims and fancies of the web designer. This type of layout can be dynamic and can also convey expressions but the only drawback could be finding the element that interests the visitor and if this purpose is not served, the website is a failure. This type of layout is successful when the number of elements is limited, but after some time when the website is embedded with other element this type of layout can be very confusing for the visitor.

Radiating Layout: When technology is used to make the webpage content, symbol, image, the logo highlighted and pop up through the use of flashlight or attractive light, the layout are called radiating layout. The aim of this sort of layout is to grab the attention of the visitor.

Repetitive Layout: In this sort of layout the element that the website owner wants to emphasize on is repeated. The repetitive layout is best when the content of the repeated element holds a high degree of relevance for converting the visitor into a buyer.

It is better to consult a professional and experienced web designing and development Company to know which layout can optimize the utility and productivity of any particular website.

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