Corrugated Box Layout Should Not Be Ignored

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Corrugated Box Layout Should Not Be Ignored

Corrugated Carton The layout has been to Business management The weak link, they can not pay attention. In fact, the corrugated box layout work quality directly related to the corrugated box printing quality and printing efficiency, its importance can not be ignored.

Present, many enterprises in the typesetting of corrugated box there are common problem: print-based tear film, printing with glue, plus the layout hot summer and cold winter temperatures, leading to the aging of deformation and so the printing layout.

Stored in the print version of the custody and storage environment, cardboard enterprises must strengthen the on-site management, full implementation of 5S, which order, straighten, sweep, clean, quality. Make Hanging rack in accordance with the print version of the use of frequencies for set-orientation, regular order, not the print version will expire in time, be kept orderly print, create and maintain a comfortable, clean working environment.

Layout, the hanging version of the paste must be hanging plates with edge-based alignment.

Domestic corrugated box commonly used sticky business Tape In the hanging plates on the fixed base article linked version of the traditional process, so print use and after a long period Suspension Save the process, because of the relative clause hanging version of the force, often hanging version of Article shift phenomenon appears, especially in hot and humid year in Q2 and Q3 in particular. To change this phenomenon, part of the corrugated box business started using cold welding technology, hanging and hanging plates amended version of the joint surface material based fusion, cooling, so that once hung version of article linked firmly welded plates at the base, the guarantee hanging version of article positioning and stability. Meanwhile, in order to prevent the two ends hanging version of article hanging plates near the base after the tear in force, the general increase Fiber Tape reinforcement.

Order to ensure the accuracy of typesetting, layout drawing prospective baseline is the foundation, which deserves attention. If the reference picture is not good, future work will lead to the deviation, there will not be allowed layout position or overprinted issues. There are two baseline, one is linked to the vertical center line version, this baseline must be from the upper edge of the layout has been drawn to the lower edge; other one is the horizontal zero line, that line of corrugated boxes roll cover hanging from the edge of the film version of the standard distance. Draw

baseline, then followed in accordance with corrugated box sizes cover lines drawn on the rock, rocking box cover under the high wire and cable. Do not forget that when drawing a line at the hanging version of circumferential reduction according to the requirements of points, but is not required on the horizontal contraction points. On the version, the position should be aligned horizontally and vertically, pay attention to whether the tilt plate edges, small print off, tape drop, version of paper breakage phenomena, the appearance of any of the above to take immediate remedial measures.

Most corrugated box business or artificial crossed to determine the layout of the location, the location of such orientation bias appears larger. Some companies use a simple tooling to locate the layout of the Forum, good results. The main principle is to use projection and direct films based on the print in the print method to determine the positioning line position layout, typesetting accuracy.

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