Layout Design Services ? Do’s and Don’ts

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Layout Design Services ? Do’s and Don’ts

While there is a long list of do’s and don’ts when you go in for a layout design services, the most essential part is to create a user-friendly and better organized product. Most of the layout design company wants to attract visitors by using some flashy layout. But that is just not it. There are other essential elements that need to be address diligently to catch visitor’s eyes.


A website typically contains text, images, animations and audio-video elements. You may find all or a combination of some elements in a website. The layout design services looks into the proper alignment of each of these elements to produce a beautiful and aesthetically designed website. The website design layout is designed during the conceptualization or planning stage where in the outline is created which illustrate the navigational structure of a website.

The placement of text and images is decided at this stage. It is good to have two – three sample designs so that alternatives are present. The demo sample actually lets a non-technical person understand the outcome of each type of layout.


The most important thing that needs to be looked into while designing a website layout is the need of the client. The layout design services are different for a project that needs a website from scratch as against a project requiring re-vamping the existing website. Thus, analyzing the need is most essential before jumping in to analyze the website layout design. There are instances where a layout design company starts from the already made sample layout templates. In case the template does not suit your choice of services, it is better to discuss this at the initial stages of the project.

Once the project is in development phase, and you wake up saying the layout design is not liked by one of our investors will make the resource go fidgety. It is better to invest ample time discussing and analyzing the layout design during initial stages. A website page may roughly be divided as header, body and footer. Which item goes in what sections have to be decided diligently! The colour combinations should be used keeping in view the layout design. A layout designer can play around with color combinations. Sometime a mix of colours provides the needed effect that single colours cannot provide. If is advised to consult colour charts to see which colours fit together. The intricacies followed for a website layout design is applicable for any type of layout design services.

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